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City Edinburg
Country UK
WEB https://www.facebook.com/DJAlias23?ref=ts


Techno-hardtek-ambient-eclectic electronic producer/DJ *

 The Past- Scottish male born '76, just missed Acid House but got swallowed whole by techno and hardcore techno scenes here in Edinburgh. DJ'd assorted clubs, guest slots/residencies, free party mayhem in assorted random locations around Scotland. The Present- Havin' it large. Bangin' out the tunes all over the shop and enjoying it! The Future- Killing zombies, havin' it large. I hope. Pressing vinyl? Who knows. Music i likes- Heavy influences include Spiral Tribe, Crystal Distortion, 69DB, SP23s, DJ Radium, Speedfreak, Producer and Hellfish, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, early DJ Hell, Neil Landstrumm, Aphex Twin, Ritchie Hawtin etc., etc., the list goes on, with a dash of NIN and some punk and grunge thrown in for good measure. Then there's all the other stuff... But there's not enough space here! But I really don't like much dubstep. (Since writing that comment I have found some I really do like... Typical!) Music I does- I sequence, play lead, rhythm, acoustic and bass guitar and mix vinyl (I'm not overly keen on mixing digital, I'm a vinyl dinosaur) *InterWebs an' stuff* Contact me on:anotherkilleralias23@gmail.com

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