In 1996 I started to mix Vinyl Records and to produce Techno. Before, in 1992 i start to hear electronic musik and have parties in the warehouse in Cologne. At this time you don't mix on a computer (they where too slow, lool) and we used only analog equipment (Roland 101/303/606/707/808).
After some years I stop producing, and mix more and more... i really like to mix and i want to concentrate me complete für vinyl mixing. For me, the work of a DJ is not to put one Records before the other. I mean, a good DJ play most time 2 Records and create a new sound with this 2 records... the DJ play it together and create a sound, which is only possible in this moment.
This is DJ mixing.
I'm happy that I like and hear Tekno and I have the electronic music in my live for more then 20 years now.
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