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Story of Archive
In July 2011, created a Facebook page here Tekno Free Music Sets , where I wanted to share an interesting music from Soundcloud, mixcloudu, youtube.
At that time I also discovered servers and and I liked the idea of the ftp archive.

Then I began to wonder about creating a website, a friend I created a subdomain on his web host, learned the basics of Joomla, and thus began my first experiments .. Search modules, components, plugins, Treatment of CSS Template etc.

so I decided to pay for your own hosting, and buy a domain, a Czech hosting provider offering web hosting and unlimited data on ftp (compared serverhosting for a few bucks, after all I'm not a programmer so for me it was a simpler option)
created here mp3 folder in the root of the site and began to upload the mp3 from my favorite dj, and direct urls from files can be use for add new music on the server
found here Joomla Componenta named Joomla music collection was simple, had a useful Funke, a scan folders with data and ppřidíní them into albums, had an mp3 player, artistt layout like profiles with info - and thus the components become a clear choice for my site - I bought it here.

Data on ftp grew I wanted to do reupload of mp3 servers and ek23soud.,
But before I could do it stopped working and he was soon also ek23sound org offline too.



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